How to Repair The Carpets Having Holes in It?

The carpets in our homes get damaged with time. there is a need to get rid of it. There are several ways in which you can restore your carpets and repair their damaged areas so as to groom them and give a fresh look to the carpets. For the ones who are looking for the carpet repair services than can contact Sk Carpet Cleaning for the Professional Carpet Repair in Melbourne services.

Carpet Hole Repair
Carpet Hole Repair

The Carpet Repair Process for Holes is Undertaken in Several Steps Which are As Follows:

  • Inspection of The Area

    The professional inspects the carpets and sees the damaged area of the carpet. After the inspection the professional measure the area of the carpet which is damaged and need to be repaired. The length and width of the damaged area are measured with the help of the measuring tape.
  • Use The Tape and Surround The Damaged Area

    The area which is needed to be repaired should be surrounded by the tape. The tape is surrounded in the square shape along the edges of the damaged area. The area surrounded by the tape should be surrounded in a way that it is on the edge of the corners of the damaged area.
  • Removal of The Damaged Part

    The professional carpet repair services implies to remove the area that is damaged. The professional with the help of special equipment make sure that all the damaged area in the carpet gets removed with the help of equipment completely without any doubt.
  • Turn The Carpet

    The next the professional turn the carpet and again the patch is measured on the back side of the carpets. The same step is followed on the back side of the carpet in which again measuring the patch is done on the carpets. The carpet is again turned to wit the help of the carpet cutter that helps in a proper cutting of the carpet.
  • The Carpet is Prepared for Patchwork

    The Carpet is prepared by neutralizing with the help of the water. The carpet is lifted from the edges so as to attach the patch properly in the place where it is damaged. The professional put the adhesive disk on the damaged area so as to attach the patch properly. Afterward applying the sticky gum on the damaged part the area remains still for three to five minutes.
  • The Patch is Moved Into The Position of The Carpet

    The extra fibers are removed from the damaged area, then the professional apply glue on the damaged area, after that the patch is moved to the area where it is damaged then applied with the help of glue on the damaged area and to repair the damaged area.
Carpet Repair Service
Carpet Repair Service

There are many ways of repairing your damaged carpets in your homes. In case if you are looking for your carpets to become new, then you can contact SK Carpet Cleaning for the professional carpet repair services at your place.

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