Carpet Repair Robertson

Carpet Repair Robertson. Do your carpet need repairs? Don’t replace your carpet with a new one, instead get it repaired with us. We help you repair your carpets whether it is torn, burnt, or has faded colors. We are the best carpet repairs company in Robertson. Call @ 1800 441 506

Carpet Repairing by SK Carpet Cleaning in Robertson

SK Carpet Cleaning in Robertson is very happy to announce that, we have extended our services in carpet repairing as well, apart from carpet cleaning.

We are a team of highly trained professionals who can completely restore the discoloration of the carpets, remove every kind of accidental spots, color change with time and other issues.

Our carpet repairing professionals have passed Re-dying of Fibre courses. Further, they have worked hard to learn how to repair a carpet, mixing the right kind of colors, which products to use in what ways and the likes.

SK Carpet Cleaning has a reputed name in and around Robertson and there is no scope of complaint in our work, and no damage is caused to your precious rugs and carpets.

Our list of customers include many elite individuals who have faith in our work, and they only hire us.

Carpet Repair Robertson
Carpet Repair Robertson

Our Carpet Repair Robertson Services

  • Colour restoration and design dye

    With regular use, there are high chances that the fur of your carpet will lose its shine and the actual color. Not to worry, SK Carpet Cleaning repairing services will do wonders and your carpet will look new again. Further, if you are bored with the present look of your carpet, we have a solution for that also. We provide service of design dying which will give an entirely different look to your rugs.

  • Bleach spot repair

    We extend our services to bleaching spots caused by chlorinated colors, Sun faded spots near patio doors, Urine spots, etc. Though we have a solution for all kinds of spots and spills we have expertise in bleach spot repair which is a difficult job and is not provided by other professional cleaning companies.

  • Colour change can be repaired

    The biggest issue with the old carpets it that their color changes or they lose their actual color with time. This can be annoying as they spoil the outlook of your house. SK Carpet Cleaning is here to be at your service and solve your issues.

Why is it Necessary to Get Your Carpets and Rugs Repaired Regularly?

There are various reasons as to why your carpets and rugs need repairing.

Perfect Carpet Repair Services
Perfect Carpet Repair Services

First and the foremost reason is that dis-colored carpets make your house messy. We decorate your house floor with carpets so that they make our house look elegant and beautiful. Unfortunately, dusty carpets full of various spots do exactly opposite of that. It deteriorates the entire look of the house making it uncomfortable for your family to live in.

Now, looking at the aspect of health, carpets with spots, dust etc. can make the air inside our house unhealthy to breathe in. This affects the health of our loved ones. This can adversely affect your kids and pets.

So, pertaining to these reasons it is best to hire professional carpet repairing services for carpet repair Robertson.

Our Carpet Repair Robertson Process

The motto of our company is to keep it simple. Despite using fancy tools and chemicals, SK Carpet Cleaning uses modern, simple tools and technologies to repair the carpets.

Spot Treatment

For treatment of spots of all kinds, and damage caused by cigarettes, burns etc., we opt the following process:

Professional Carpet Repair Services
Professional Carpet Repair Services
    • At first, we take the right measurement of the spot on the carpet. Then, take a piece of cloth which looks same as that of your carpet. We cut and shape it well so that it fits the damaged area perfectly.
    • Then  we wet this patch. The catch here is that water must not be dripping out of that patch.
    • Now, we apply an adhesive glue on one surface of the patch. We then place it over the damaged area. Then with extreme care and attention, we put that patch of the carpet over the damaged part of the carpet.
  • Next, we make sure that we do this step in a single move and we don’t disturb it too many times. We do this to ensure that the damaged area is properly and cleanly covered. No one can make out that it has been pasted there separately. 
  • Now, we take a pre-heated iron. With light hands press the iron over the pasted patch for about 50-60 seconds in a single go.
  • After this as a final step, we brush it with Carpet Grooming Brush. Lastly, we make sure to trim the extra extensions as well as strands which may give a messy look to the patchwork.

Discoloration Treatment

To repair the discoloration, we opt for the method of dying.

Here, the customers have to pick between two options, do they want to change the color of the entire carpet. For example- your carpet was yellow before and lost its color with time and now you want to make it brown. Or make the color of some faded portion same as the rest of the rug.  Either way is fine with us. We can dye anything, as we have expertise in mixing of various colors.

Why Hire Us?

So, if you live in and around Robertson and some parts of your carpets need repair or have lost the original color, then without much-a-do just give us a call. Also, you can book an appointment with us online or call our customer service also.

  • We use perfectly organic dye for coloring the carpets and rugs.
  • Further, our work is quick and precise.
  • Also, the price we charge for our entire service is affordable.
  • Moreover, we use high-end tools and technologies. So, there is no scope for a mistake from our side.
  • The customer service of our company can help you to pick up to choose the color of dye and design if you want to get a new look for your old carpet.

So, try our carpet repair Robertson service once.

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