Carpet Mould Removal

Solutions to Get Rid of Carpet Mould………!!!

Mould is an infamous and notorious fungus that sticks with the surface of the carpets. Carpet mould removal is essential because mould creates bad and unpleasant odour seems to be allergic to the people living nearby. Carpet mould produces many health problems such as runny nose, rashes, fatigues, memory problems and depression.

Carpet Mould Removal
Carpet Mould Removal

Explain The Steps of Removing Carpet Mould from The Carpets Using Homemade Methods?

Following Steps are Essential to Remove The Mould from The Carpet

  1. Remove the carpet mould using home supplies. Scrutinize the carpet carefully. If the mould appears at the back side of the carpet, then consult with experts to remove the mould using Carpet Mould Cleaners method.
  2. Ensure that doors and windows are opened. This will lessen the unpleasant odour. In case no windows in the room, then switch ON the fan.
  3. Put the carpet in direct sunlight if it is removable. Direct sunlight will lessen the spots of the mould.
  4. If the carpet contains water and moisture content, then put some baking soda over the carpet mould area.
  5. Scrub the carpet mould with white vinegar. It is an effective and cheap option. Blow dry the carpet to remove the moisture content.

Explain The Professional Methods of Removing Carpet Mould?

The professional technicians use anti mould treatment options which is one of the carpet mould removal methods.  The anti mould sprays are available in the shops. Moreover, use the Carpet Cleaning products which contains deodorisers which removes the smell and spot. Apply chlorine dioxide products on the affected carpets but be aware that this also removes the colour of the carpet. Besides, choose the ventilated area before using all these options. So that bad odours does not harm the nearby people. A steam cleaner is used to vacuum the carpets using a specific machine. This cleaner removes the chances of carpet mould. The other method used by the professionals is use of dry ice blasting and other treatment methods to treat the carpet mould.

How to Prevent Carpet Mould?

There are Following Methods Listed to Prevent the Carpet Mould

  • Scrutinize the carpet and locate all the sources and eliminate that moisture.
  • Open the doors to ventilate the room. Moreover, switch on the fans to reduce the moisture content.
  • Purchase a dehumidifier if there is a humid environment in the living area. Keep it running to avoid complete moisture until it settles in the carpet.
  • Switch ON the fluorescent lights because mould spores reduce in the lightening effect. Moreover, mould grows in dark rooms. So please avoid placing carpets in the dark rooms.
  • Again use the Vacuum to remove the last mould spots from the carpet.
Professional Carpet Mould Removal
Professional Carpet Mould Removal

Hire Professionals

In a nutshell, Carpet Mould Removal method given by professionals is ideal for the carpets. This provides a long life to the carpets. If you are facing any issue of carpet mould then professionals of SK Carpet Cleaning are there to serve you.